Decoration : the boom of the stickers imitation tiles

Imitation tile stickers, what are the advantages?

Classic and modern, the stickers imitation tiles are available in several models and colors. White, blue, black, red, etc., there is something for everyone. A wallpaper with stars to decorate the child's room, a mosaic wall sticker to dress the wall of the bathroom or the kitchen, a vinyl wall sticker for the living room, this type of decorative product is perfect for all rooms of the house. Giving a natural effect, these wall stickers look like real paintings. The result is impressive.  There are also decorative floor stickers. Wood effect, cement tile, stone, these stickers for floor can be printed on any support: credence, vinyl or pvc. The imitation tile stickers have the advantage of being inexpensive and are therefore accessible at low prices. The purchase of a batch of this decorative adhesive can make you benefit from a free delivery. In addition, tile stickers are easy to install and do not require specialized labor. You can install this imitation adhesive yourself. Plus, while decorating often rhymes with dirt and big expense, with tile adhesives, renovation is more economical and cleaner. In addition, these products are moisture resistant and easily find their way into areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.   Self-adhesive imitation tile is a great alternative for those who live in a rental home where renovation is often prohibited. You can remove them one day without leaving a trace since the adhesive glue does not leave any dirt.   

Where to buy imitation tile stickers?

To find cheap tile stickers, the easiest way is to take advantage of good deals on decoration. Decoration stores regularly have clearance sales or discounts. You can also look for coupon codes on amazon to buy wall stickers at interesting prices.

How to apply the imitation tile stickers?

Imitation tile stickers are easy to apply. You don't need a DIY pro to install tile stickers. Anyone can do it. Here's what you need to install an adhesive sticker: -a sticker -a clean wall -a scraper -a pair of scissors First of all, start by cleaning the wall. This step is important for the sticker to stick well. Make sure that it is dry and free of grease, because the smoother it is, the better the installation.  Next, remove the protective film and apply the adhesive to the wall tile carefully so as not to form blisters.  And it's ready! Avoid baking for a period of 12 hours after application, as heat and grease can compromise the product's hold. 

How do I care for the wall stickers?

Wall stickers are easy to clean. No special products are needed to maintain them. The tile sticker is cleaned with a cloth and a few drops of detergent. The use of alcohol, degreaser and chlorine should be avoided to avoid damaging the patches. Also be careful not to rub or you may damage an image on the adhesive.   Finally, it is advised to wait 48 hours after the installation of the adhesive stickers imitation tiles to carry out the first cleaning not to alter their adhesion on the wall or the ground.

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