How to decorate your house for Halloween?

Discover how to make 5 "do-it-yourself" decorations: from the classic monster pumpkin, to cardboard bats, your neighbors will be amazed by the decoration of your house for Halloween:

1. JACK O' LANTERN'S classic pumpkin:

The carved Halloween pumpkin; this is of course the most famous decoration of this occasion and also the most complex on our list. To make the Jack O' Lantern, draw a large enough circumference on the top of the pumpkin with a black marker. Get a sharp knife and start carving along the edges of the circle you drew. Be careful not to damage the "lid" of your pumpkin. Once that's done, you'll need to be patient, grab a spoon and start gently removing the pulp. Now comes the fun (but tricky) part: with a marker, draw the shapes of the eyes, nose and mouth and start carving the pumpkin, following the lines. You can choose to do everything freehand or use a tracing paper on which you have drawn and cut out the different elements of the face beforehand. Once the carving is complete, simply insert a candle into the inner part and voila, your Jack O' Lantern pumpkin will be ready to scare!

2. Balloons in Halloween colors

These Halloween decoration items are cheap (even with shipping) and they are easy to make, it will only take you a minute! Buy a pack of black, orange and white balloons. With a permanent marker, draw ghost faces on the white and orange balloons to create "scary balloons" and "pumpkin balloons". The black balloons will add a dark touch to the composition. Hang these props around your home as garlands, and also outside to scare passersby!

3. Unfriendly fruits

Can't find any more pumpkins to carve and want to use what you have at home? No problem: you can give your house a "gloomy touch" by carving fruit. On an orange or a tangerine, draw a little scary face or turn them into little black spiders, mice or other scary objects. A simple and effective decoration for Halloween.

4. Cardboard bats for a darker decoration

For this decoration, you will need material made of a layer of quarry chalk enclosed between two sheets of special resistant cardboard. Bas-relief is a type of sculpture in which the figures are depicted on a black background plane, trace on the sheet the silhouette of a bat, take a pair of scissors and start cutting. You can glue the bats on a wall or hang them from the ceiling with a wire, like garlands. With this decorating idea, even the most daring will be afraid to enter your house on Halloween!

5. A spooky touch reminiscent of the horror season

A ceramic tray or wooden oval surface will suffice to create a Halloween table. Arrange orange or white gourds, leaves, dried twigs on the surface. Then, place your candy basket next to it. The result will give a haunted house effect. The evening promises to be great with all these decoration ideas. Of course, you can find other tricks for an original touch on the Halloween theme, for example, a skeleton to hang on your doorway, mice and plastic spider webs all over the living room, garlands of lighted skulls (like at Christmas, but more gloomy)... The children will certainly not hesitate to knock at your door for candy or a spell... And don't forget your Halloween costume!

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