How to make a simple wall decoration?

Here is an alternative that allows you to make a very individual wall decoration with few materials, which everyone has at home. You will need the following materials: a tarpaulin, sponge, brushes, rollers and this is how it works:

You choose the design and the frames

You take the poster, photo or image you want to make and spread it out on a table. Think carefully about whether your poster is suitable for the next project. Now add the frames. The size of the poster, the design, as well as the size of the frames will determine the number required.

Positioning the frames

It is recommended to make a rough division and positioning of the frames in advance to simplify the selection later. A special charm is created when you use frames of different sizes. It is best to start in the middle and work from the inside out. You can place the photo frames vertically or crosswise. It is important that there are not too many gaps between the frames. Try to keep the gaps between the frames as small as possible. If a larger gap should occur, please take this into account at the end when positioning the frames. Don't despair if you don't use the full poster and leave a few inches at the edge. This will not affect the final result in any way. After you have finished selecting the frames and the rough positioning, now remove the backgrounds as well as the glass from your frames. Start with the first pane, which you frame with a pencil in the correct position. To avoid confusion, it is best to number the panes and corresponding models. You can now move forward glass by glass until the entire pattern is spread out on the frames. You can always orient yourself according to the existing markings.

Designing the frames

Before you cut out the individual photos, you need to take care of the frames. Are the frames old? The colors don't match? No problem. Just spray the frames with spray paint and your old photo frames will appear evenly in the new gloss. Respect the paint drying time indicated on the package before proceeding to the next steps.

Cutting the pattern

Is the paint dry? Now you take a pair of scissors and cut out the pictures one by one according to the marking. The individual cuts of your poster can be inserted directly into the corresponding frames. Thanks to the numbering at the beginning, the allocation is no longer a problem. After inserting all the cut-outs into the frames, place them on a piece of wrapping paper in the desired position later on. The ruler is used to achieve equal distances between the pictures. Depending on the design and size of the frames, the distances between the individual photos can be selected. Once the frames are correctly aligned, mark their position on the paper with a pencil. As soon as the frames are drawn, also mark the position where the nail should be placed later.

Prepare the wall

Then stick the marked wrapping paper finished with crepe tape to the corresponding place on the wall. With a hammer, you can fix the nails in the previously marked places. This procedure ensures that the distances are respected and that all the pictures are hung in the right place afterwards. Now remove the paper and hang the pictures on the right nails. In a few simple steps, old picture frames become a real eye-catcher on your walls.

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