How to tidy up your home?

Keeping your own walls in order isn't easy, but with these 11 tips, even the messiest of people should manage to put some clarity and order into their home.

1. Household closet: the gateway to hell.

No matter what you call the place where you hide cleaning utensils, vacuum, mop and the like, whether it's a cleaning cabinet, a cleaning closet or a storage room, few people like to open the door to that place. If you do, you'll usually get half the contents of the cabinet. To avoid this, there are a few simple tricks: hang things like mops, brooms and hand brushes on hooks instead of just pushing them in. The same goes for the vacuum cleaner hose, there are special holding devices that help control the hose.

2. Everything clean in the cleaning cabinet.

It's almost impossible to see through the mess of rags, sponges and spray bottles. You probably don't even need most of the utensils, many of which probably haven't been used in years. To get a better overview, it's best to sort all of these items into boxes or pull-out baskets, which you then label. The inside of the door can also be used to add small compartments.

3. Play hide and seek behind curtains.

One tip you'll come across several times in this list is this: find storage space wherever possible. But not all storage spaces have doors to hide the contents. Curtains on the floor to cover open closets and niches are great for this and make a good impression. For example, the curtain hides vacuums and cleaning utensils in the hallway and in the bedroom, it brings a little peace and quiet by allowing clothes to disappear from view.

4. Unique task in the study.

In the study, too, it is important to have enough storage space and not to leave everything on the desk. Piles of paper are distracting at work, and even if the chaos rather rages in the drawer, it is banished there for the time being. Especially if the desk shares a room with the bed, it is beneficial for a peaceful sleep to leave the workplace tidy.

5. The laundry chair provides relief.

Once worn, but the sweater is not yet ready to go down the throat of the washing machine. Put them on the laundry chair. Such a seat, which has not been used to sit for a long time, is something that many people probably have in their rooms. But this arrangement is not very nice, and anyone who considers the tip knows that these clothes lying openly will cause trouble. Replace or supplement the armchair or chair with a dumb servant or clothes rack. Clothes may not disappear completely from view, but as long as it's just a few, selected clothes that are well hung, the whole thing can even look quite elegant. And while you're at it, clean out your wardrobe on this occasion.

6. The hallway belongs to the guests.

The hallway is the first thing guests see of your apartment or house. Therefore, this space should be welcoming and make you curious to learn more. It doesn't help if the hallway is already filled with jackets and shoes when guests arrive. Again, the tried and true advice is useful: create more storage space, put your jackets and shoes in closets. The few clothes hooks, on the other hand, are for guests.

7. Laundry is pre-sorted.

Is the laundry basket in the bathroom overflowing and you can't keep up with the laundry? If you have a little more space, you can buy multiple laundry baskets. Instead of being in the bathroom, they'll be in the bedroom, if that's where you take your clothes off. So you can pre-sort the laundry directly when you take it off and divide it into the different baskets. Not only is this cleaner, but it also saves time.

8. Beautify the sinks.

The bathroom and kitchen are actually freshly cleaned, but somehow they still look a little dirty. This could be due to the items on and around the edge of the pool. The disposable dishwashing liquid bottle and the colorful dish brush make the most elegant kitchen look a bit cheap. The solution is to replace the old cleaning utensils with beautiful, color-coordinated ones and fill the dishwashing detergent in a specially designed bottle.

9. Pinned half done.

Whether you are a roommate or a family, the kitchen table has always been a meeting place for members of the joint household. There, problems are discussed, but also plans for the coming days are made. What could be more obvious than to install a bulletin board here to record the most important memories at eye level. Other flyers can also be pinned there before someone takes pity on them. Always better than a chaos of paper on the table.

10. Old-fashioned: a subject for current reading.

Acceleration is all the rage. More and more people are disconnecting, putting their smartphones aside and instead picking up a quality book or magazine while they spend the evening on the couch, all hyggelated. However, it's not nice to see too many of these printed products piling up on the table. Magazine racks can help here, and some of them look great too.

11. Hide the tangle of cables in the box.

The best solution to avoid cable tangles: buy wireless devices that can also be charged without cables. But this is not always possible. In this case, it's best to hide the cables and their respective devices, such as your router, in boxes and crates. This can be a nice half-empty shoebox, in which a hole is made to pull the cables, or a specially designed cable box. You can also give this task to a drawer and install a power strip in the drawer where your smartphone is.

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