When did tiger hoodies become popular?


When you hear of a tiger hoodie, one of the first things to come to your mind is the famous American golfer, Tiger Woods. You may assume that the hoodies are related to this pro-golfer., which doesn't come as a surprise given that celebs have their paws on different brands. However, you will be surprised to know that these hoodies have nothing to do with Tiger Woods, the golfer.

Tiger hoodies are tiger-themed sweatshirts with hoods and always come with tiger prints. They are available in different colors and designs. Some feature an image of the tiger, while others only feature the tiger theme. You can find different products with this theme on tiger-universe.com—a platform that provides an extensive hoodies collection of jewelry, apparel, and decoration featuring different designs, sizes, and colors. Products from this site feature tiger prints as the standard feature, making it the ideal platform for tiger-print enthusiasts.

This post discusses when and how tiger-print hoods became popular.

The Popularity of Hoodies and Online Shopping

Firstly, the popularity of this fashion item can be attributed to the overall acceptance of hoodies. These clothing items became popular in the late 2000s when they went commercial. They offer individuals a simpler alternative to regular sweatshirts and hats. As the hoodies increased in popularity, people started looking for unique designs, as common in the fashion sector. This led to the discovery of the tiger hoodie and its subsequent popularity.

Tiger-printed hoodies also became popular when various online stores started offering them. Online shopping has become quite a common trend. Many people prefer purchasing items online because of the convenience and affordability. With online shopping, people can get various products without leaving their homes. Most online shopping platforms run advertisements to promote their products. These ads usually run on social media and various online platforms. The promotion of tiger-printed hoodies by online shopping platforms has significantly promoted their popularity.

Celebrity-Linked Hoodies

Furthermore, tiger-printed hoodies became popular when celebrities started dressing in tiger-printed attire. Some of the most famous personalities in the world, including models, artists, actors, and musicians, have been photographed rocking tiger-printed attire.

Celebrities are significant influencers. They influence fashion and other societal trends. People tend to follow and imitate what celebrities do. Therefore, their acceptance of tiger-print fashion has promoted the popularity of these hoodies. As mentioned before, when you hear their name, you instantly think of the pro-golfer. People often want to feel connected to their favorite celebrities by purchasing what they own, promote, or relate to. For this reason, the hoodies have become quite popular among Tiger Woods fans. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the designers chose to name them this way.

Unisex Hoodies

Additionally, the hoodies gained popularity following the acceptance of unisex clothing. Nowadays, society is more into unisex clothing. They are considered more stylish and comfortable. Tiger-print hoodies are available in unisex designs. This has significantly propelled their popularity. The popularity of the hoodies can also be attributed to the way their name is coined to match the American pro golfer. Tiger-printed hoodies come in many designs, from simple to intricate.

How to Pick a Tiger-Print Hoodie

When picking the best design, you can start by researching the available options. Some of the best pointers include;

  • Scrolling through the different options before deciding which one to get. If you do not want to visit a physical store and browse the options, you can go online and look at different photos. However, visiting a physical store will give you an idea of what they look like and how they can fit into your style.
  • Choosing between hoodies with tigers (the animal) printed on them and others with the standard tiger pattern or print.
  • Before purchasing a tiger-print hoodie, you should also consider the size and colors. The hoodies come in a wide array of colors, allowing you to choose your favorites or one that matches your outfit or mood. Ideally, you can choose a tiger-hoddie with colors that blend with different hues.
  • The size is also paramount. Many people, including women, gravitate towards oversized hoodies. However, if you are not into this, you can always get a hoodie in your size. Online and physical stores provide these fashion pieces in various sizes to appeal to clients. This means that finding something in your size should be effortless.
  • Finally, you can also consider the price of the hoodies. They come at various prices, depending on their design, material, size, and the store. You can always find something within your budget.

Hoodies have been a trend since their inception. However, fashion trends come and go, but tiger-printed hoodies have withstood decades and have no sign of slowing. They feature different colors, sizes, and patterns, allowing them to entice people with diverse tastes.

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